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Polish regional cuisine

Where can I find truly Polish cuisine in Krakow?

Domowe Przysmaki is the only place in Cracow, where it is possible to find a lot of regional dishes this way. By our flag dishes a dumplings and pancakes are which, to recommend it is possible wonderful Polish soup: red borscht with ravioli or the croquette, delicious soup from forest mushrooms with small square noodles or also delicious country (sour) soup made from fermented rye flour prepared on leavening of the rye flour and given with the raw sausage, the egg and the bread. If you feel like it to tripe in a Cracow manner, it don't wander about Cracow, but direct your steps at us. Always haughty and fresh, served with the bread certainly will live up to your expectations. Amongst regional dishes it could not in order a traditional Stuffed cabbage in mushroom sauce and Sauerkraut with sausage and mushrooms. At us it is possible to eat the Polish Sunday dinner-broth typically with the pasta and pork cutlet with the fried cabbage and potatoes. We want to emphasize that the stewed dish made of sauerkraut and mushrooms as well as the fried cabbage are being prepared of the best sauerkraut from Charsznica! And another important thing: We have Kompot everyday - only time!

But so that it isn't boringly, we spiced up this our Polish cuisine with strange accents. Therefore amongst our diet you will also find spaghetti Bolognese, Greek salad / so how Greeks are giving! / or of Mexican pancakes. We recommend a large range of breakfast dishes: scrambled eggs, omelettes, baked sausages and a lot of other.

We are inviting into our humble abode and we wish many unforgettable taste experiences!

From our menu card

Delicious dumplings
With meat filling, with sauerkraut and mushrooms...

Pancakes fried
Bolognese, Mexican, Mountaineer’s, with ham, leek and cheese...

Dish of meat
Pork chop, potatoes, fried cabbage, Saute pork steak, potatoes, salad...

Beetroot soup, Beetroot soup with ravioli, Beetroot soup with croquette...

Customer reviews

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    “Na prawdę bardzo dobre jedzenie :) Polecam szczególnie naleśnika po góralsku... oraz pierogi!”

  • 2

    “I've been there two times in three days. great place. thanks!”

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    “Macie pyycha zapiekanki:)PIWKO GRZANE TEŻ..”

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